What to wear during your trip?

To chose what we have to pack for our trip is almost of the time complicate, so we offer you advices for your luggage.

Sri Lanka

Comfortable clothes espically in cotton. You can wear casual clothes and colors for photos. But you have to respect a dress code to visit temples during your trip. It is very strict for women who must wear

To persons not used to live with that kind of temperatures  can pack lightweight clothes, especially in cotton, linen and silk. They have the benefit to wash and dry quickly. Merino wool is a good choice to wear against your skin as it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature. It keeps you warm in the cold, wicks away moisture when it’s hot, and doesn’t retain odours – even after prolonged wear.

To visit buddhist temples, be insured that your body is totaly covered also shoulders. Hats and footwear should also be removed. In some temples men should have to be prepared to go topless.

Pack light and don’t forget sunscreen, sunhat ans sunglasses !



For Maldives, you can take relaxed dress. Avoid synthetic which can be uncomfortable with the heat and prefer linen, cotton or silk. Some islands are “shoe free zone” but for some islands it is advised to wear flip flops.

Don’t forget a very high factor sunscreen, a wide brimmed sunhat and good quality sunglasses.

In some islands, don’t forget to get chic clothes, dress for women, pants and shirt for men.