Maldives is an island nation in Indian Ocean constitued of almost 1,200 islands but only 200 are inhabited. This country is 800 kilometrs long and 130 kilometers wide. Please find at the bottom where maldives are located in the world :



Maldives are famous for its paradisiac beaches, But this paradise could be disapear in 2100. The cause is the global warming and the consequence is the rising waters. So you have to take advantage of this paradise before it disapears.

General information

Capital city : Malé

Surface : Land-surface -> 227 sqm ; Total surface -> 21,372 sqm

Population : 342,000 inhabitants

Religion : Islam

Head of state :Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom

Language : Divehi but English is the second official language.

Passports & Visas : The visa is given by Maldives government when you arrive at the airport. It is free and you need a passport valid for more than 6 months after the end of the stay, a valid flight ticket from Maldives and an hotel booking confirmation. The visa is valid for 30 days at maximum.

Climate : The climate is tropical. Temperatures all year long are between 26°C and 34°C. Regarding the water temperature it’s an average of 28°C. But they are rains in Maldives, 2,000 mm per year but they are short and ends with sunlight.

Best season : it is between January and April

Time : UTC +5

Currency : Rufiyaa (Mrf) It is forbidden to import or to export rufiyaas. Generally you can pay in dollars and euros but not in local markets or shops.

Health :

  • Yellow fever : the vaccination can be compusory if you come from a country where there is this disease (Africa…)
  • It is recommended to be innoculated against the diphtheria, the tetanus, the poliomyelitis, Vaccination aginst Hepatitis A and B and typhoid are adviced.
  • For the practice of the submarine sports, a medical certificate can be required. A medical consultation is advised before the departure.
  • Take care of mosquitoes.


Air travel : Almost all of the islands-hotels are joined by waterplane of the company Maldivian Air Taxi.


Maybe it will be you in the hamac !