Dubai is the destination where you will can see the immoderation of this state. There are a lot of famous buildings, the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building of the world. Then there are palm islands and the World which are artificial islands on the sea. You will have the opportunity to discover this incredible city with our trips.

Dubai is located in United Arab Emirates ans it is the city the most populated of the country.

General information

Capital city of UAE : Abu Dhabi

Surface : 4,114 sqm

Population : 2,11 milion of inhabitants

Ruler of Dubai : Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Religion : Islam

Currency : United Arab Emirates Dirham

Time : UTC +4

Climate : The highest temperatures are in August with an average of 41°C and the lowest are 16°C in January.

Passports & Visas : You don’t need any visa but you can contact the ambassy of the United Arab Emirates of your country if you want information.

Health : Hospitals in UAE are very modern, they are occidentals doctors who are working there, so the medical system is performant and it’s almost the same as in Europe or developed countries. It is recommended to be innoculated against the diphtheria, the tetanus, the poliomyelitis, the whooping cough, Vaccination aginst Hepatitis A and B and typhoid are adviced.

Air travel : Dubai is the first international airport of the world in passengers. There is planes from all over the world which are transiting by Dubai.