MSC Splendida

This boat will be your home during your trip, so I invite you to know it better and when you will be there, you will already know the boat as if you lived there.



Here are the general information about the ship :

Built 2009
Gross tonnage 137.936 tons

Number of passengers

3.247 (on double basis)

Crew members

About 1.370

Number of cabins

1.637, incl. 43 for guests with disabilities or reduced mobility


333,30 m / 37,92 m post panamax / 66,80 m


18, incl. 14 for guests

Maximum speed

22,99 knots
Average speed 18 knots
Environmental technology AW T-Advanced Water Treatment, Energy Saving & Monitoring System, Clean Ship 2


MSC boats are very luxurious and are spacious so you will have time to discover the life on boat, with numerous activities avilable on board. It is a very nice experience to spend holidays and have great time.

Diaporama of the various cabins available on the ship :

  • Inside Cabin

  • Ocean view

  • Balcony Cabin

  • Suite

  • MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite

  • MSC Yacht Club Executive and Family Suite

  • MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite

  • MSC Yacht Club De Luxe Suite - for guest with disabilities

  • Inside - for guests with disabilities

  • Ocean View - for guests with disabilities

  • Balcony Cabin - for guests with disabilities

 If you want to discover the ship as if you were in, take a look at this link with a 360° view :