MSC Cruises





Have you ever traveled by cruise? Maybe it will be with our partner MSC Cruises, one of the most famous cruises company in the world. They offer the possibilty to travel with their own boats all around the world : the Mediterranean sea, the Caribbean sea, South America, Oceania, Dubai, South of Africa.The flight is included in offers so there is no problem about the departure of the boat, everything is scheduled.

If you think there are no acivities to do on a boat, you are wrong : there are swimming pools, an  amphitheater, a night club, a casino, a video game room.

There are also excursions available during your trip, a simple way to discover the place where you are.

You can find offers directly in our agency or take a look on our online offers just below.


intro-bridgetown_tcm12-401811 days cruising in the Caribbean Sea – from USD $653

During those 11 days, you will discover the Caribbean Sea. Barbados, Martinique, Bahamas, Virgin Islands are scheduled for the trip. Some excursions are also available.


BRBUZ1018 days cruising through the Atlantic Ocean – from USD $1,368

You will join Santos in Brasil from Genoa, Italy. You will spend 18 days on the ship MSC Splendida where there are a lot of activities on board. Then, you have excursions available to discover more Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands and Brasil.

muscat-oman8 days cruising in the Persian Gulf – from USD $653

This is the perfect trip if you want to see Abu Dhabi, the extravagnt city of Dubai and the beautiful landscapes of the Sultanate of Oman. You can do excursions during the cruise, to discoer the desert, to see dolphins, to take snapshotos Dubai from an hydroplane,…

spc0111 days cruising in the Mediterranean Sea to Canary Islands – from USD $771

During this cruise, departure from Genoa in Italy you will join Las Palmas, Canary Islands. So you will see the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, visit the Provence in France, Canary islands thanks to the the excursions available.